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CR International focuses on new technology and the utilization of innovation in equipment designs to deliver cost-effective solutions.

The goal has always been to make our equipment modular and portable with the ability to travel by air or sea. Sometime equipment that was designed for sea or road freight transport has finished up heading into the jungle in remote parts of South America.

We send equipment all over the world and believe that this provides our clients with exceptional support.

Modular Catalyst Vacuum Systems, with only a small site footprint, enable the vacuum removal of catalyst in large multi bed reactors, while cooling, filtering and recycling nitrogen. These can be used effectively in all locations.

Modular Life Support Systems meet all international and client safety requirements. Reactor entries can be managed from the ground or reactor top with full video and audio communication and recording.

Latest technology is used for blinding, elbow removal and internals breakout and reinstatement.

Many years of experience working remotely with challenging logistics and different site layouts and requirements has led our company into being leaders in the use and design of materials handling equipment.

Typical examples include:

  • Specialist loading systems for the transfer of catalyst directly from grade to reactor manway, without the use of cranes and hoppers.
  • Automated drum decanting systems reduce drum handling labor and time required, while improving safety.
  • A range of packaging solutions (UN approved) provides the most cost-effective and safe methods for handling both new and spent catalysts for loading, transportation, storage, disposal and containment.
  • Internal Lifting Systems for handling support grids and other components.

Life support operators panel
Mechanical work on CCR Platformer Reactor - Chile
HCU Project site set up - Chile
Modular equipment set up for catalyst changeout - Argentina
CR International container heading through the Andes in South America
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