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CRdox is a safe and effective way to clear blockages and dislodge bulk fused or hung up materials. It is both powerful and gentle and can break up concrete, fused catalyst and other materials that have become compacted and rock hard.

Storage vessel and reactor walls are not damaged in the process. CRdox is costeffective and safe to transport. Tubes are designed to be filled, fired, rebuilt, filled and fired again.

The gentle, hydraulic breaking force of CRdox was originally designed for use in coal mines, where volatile methane gas makes explosion a constant threat. Acting on natural cracks and weaknesses in the material, CRdox dislodges fused material by instantaneously releasing liquid CO2 at up to 34,000 psi / 2350 bar. CRdox does the work, creating power without the high-velocity shock waves of an explosive, while you monitor the job safely at a distance.

CRdox has been safely used in feed mills and grain handling plants, refining, petrochemical and fertilizer works. It is safe, effective, does not affect the integrity of the vessel. it works where other tools cannot.

For example, in high-temperature production areas and where hazardous, flammable or combustible materials are stored, CRdox is a very safe way of removing fused material. The harder the material, the better CRdox works.

There are many benefits to utilizing CRdox. The process is easy to control, fast and simple making it a safe cost-effective solution to shortening shutdown durations. As well as being very effective for the removal of agglomerated materials it is also used to increase the flow rate and lower shovel-out volumes. It removes the requirement for the use of potentially destructive techniques such as jackhammering.

CRdox reduces costs by minimizing down time and it also minimizes and, in some situations, eliminates the need for confined space entries. CRdox has enormous benefits just by reducing entries into confined spaces and deceasing manual handling risks involved with the traditional techniques.

CRdox filling and storage project container
Example of CRdox discharge
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