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Dense Loading & Support

CR International have established a testing and repair facility for all components involved with the dense loading of catalyst. The facility not only tests and calibrates the tachometers, sensors, air motors, rotors and other items on the machines, it has the ability to manufacture all the spare parts and the components required.

CR International has established systems, procedures and processes to ensure that we can support UOP approved contractors around the world with state of the art machines that are serviced and calibrated at very short notice.

We also provide the machines, spare parts and the dense loading specialists to perform this work on any site that requires this service to be carried out.

CR International is unique in the quality of personnel that we deploy to customer facilities as part of the dense loading service. Trained and experienced dense loading advisors oversee every aspect of the loading operation with an eye towards maximizing the performance of process units. We can work with the customer’s staff or contractor to ensure that the loading goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Having an experienced advisor overseeing the catalyst loading will provide an additional measure of control over the loading operation. Catalyst density is, in part, a factor of catalyst properties and bed levelness during the dense loading process. Years of experience, research and development have resulted in a superior understanding of exactly what settings to use for a wide range of catalyst and reactor types.

The combination of years of experience and the advisor’s attention to detail help ensure a uniform catalyst bed and maximum catalyst performance.

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